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Precisa saber quando uma moeda atingir uma determinada taxa? Informando taxas para mais de empresas em todo o mundo. Confira as taxas ao vivo, envie dinheiro com segurança, crie alertas de taxa de câmbio, receba notificações e muito mais.

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Mais de 70 milhões de downloads em todo o mundo. O código de moeda para Euros é EUR. EUR — Euro. RUB — Rublo russo. Estatísticas de 1 Euro para Rublo russo. Converter Euro para Rublo russo.

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Converter Rublo russo para Euro. Taxas de câmbio XE em tempo real Inverter. Enviar dinheiro. Alertas de taxas Xe Precisa saber quando uma moeda atingir uma determinada taxa?

EUR/RUB: Euro - Rublo Russo

It is typical that the market is at a local maximum for itself, but the same cannot be said about indicators that are increasingly striving for neutral indicators. It turns out an atypical divergence, as the market is growing and the indicators are mostly falling. Therefore, we can expect that this currency pair may need a correction, which means that we can consider trading options downward. However, we take into account that we are trading against the trend.

Divergence is also observed for the euro currency pair against the Russian ruble, since the price is mainly moving down, and the indicators look noticeably up. For the current market situation, it is important to note the significance of the level The price is close to the indicated level, and taking into account the positions of the indicators, as well as the recently formed divergence, we can expect that the market will need an upward movement.

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You can open an upward contract with a target at the level of moving averages. For this currency pair, the uptrend is still the main driving force, however, last week the upward trend has significantly slowed down and allows you to draw an additional trend line, with a much less obvious slope. Theoretically, only the options for trading up can be considered, but taking into account the fact that we are already at the top of the market, we were late with this movement and the contract cannot be opened.

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Therefore, only options for trading down can be considered, but such a deal can be opened only when the price is below the trend line. The British pound versus the Canadian dollar is one of the most difficult to predict currency pairs for the coming week, since neither graphical nor technical analysis provides specific recommendations for opening a trade.

Here and now, we can only say that the main indicator is looking down, and the histogram is below zero for the first time in a long time. Theoretically, the downward movement of the charts can be opposed to the upward movement on the chart, which means that we can consider options for trading down, taking into account a combination of factors.

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This currency pair is still forming an upward trend and last week the price managed to gain a foothold above the strong level of 0. Indicators are close to neutral.