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However, the Philadelphia Manufacturing Index rose in February to Today, markets are awaiting Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen's semi-annual testimony before Congress, which will be her first congressional testimony during the term of Donald Trump's presidency. President Donald Trump. The Greenback fell as much as 2. However, overall the Federal Reserve sends a largely upbeat message on the U. However, such data gave a positive outlook about the U.

S, dollar settled vs. GDP growth rate in Q4 rose 1. As investors were disappointed that Trump, who went against expectations, did not mention any of his economic plans.

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Recently, Donald Trump has raised eyebrows for comments he's made. The CPI rose as much as 2. In addition, Nonfarm payrolls added k jobs in December and unemployment rate rose 4. Despite the growth of US jobs being less than expected, it was still higher than the target rate of k jobs. In addition, the Greenback was positively affected by the U. The Greenback was also supported by expectations of a stronger than expected economic growth. The Greenback fell slightly ahead of the Christmas holiday due to tight liquidity and a wave of correction, but soon surged to its highest levels in 14 years.

Technically, the Greenback could rise once again around the beginning of According to Commerce Department, the U. The yellow metal could trade in a limited range due to low liquidity caused by Christmas and New Year holidays. President-elect Donald Trump and a faster pace of interest rate hikes. Federal Reserve hiked rates for the first time in a year. In addition, it forecasts a steeper path for borrowing costs in , when Donald Trump plans a full-throttle strategy to improve the U. Federal Reserve could raise interest rates. Some analysts are anticipating that, Trump will take steps to support growth, which will push up inflation and are voicing concerns that it might ignite sparks for the start of a currency war.

This could push investors to save havens such as gold and the Japanese Yen. However, the ECB said, it could trim its monthly pace of bond purchases. European Stability Mechanism ESM President Klaus Regling said, the implementation of the measures would take a while, but the fund would start the process in the coming weeks. This weekend saw voters reject reforms proposed by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and has subsequently led to his resignation.

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Treasury yields eased from recent highs. The market turnover was affected by Thanksgiving, while USD continued to rise after a new set of strong economic data in the United States on Wednesday. In France, ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy was ousted from the election race in a party primary over the weekend. The benchmark year Treasury note yield rose as much as 0. Before you begin trading in markets it is essential and beneficial to create a strategic approach; one that works for you and suits your needs. It is very unlikely that you will be profitable if you trade on hunches or impulses.

Rather, put in the work before you start and develop a specific trading strategy to ensure you don't lose capital and have a risk management strategy. Our trading platforms. The USD has jumped as expectations that Trump's administration could boost spending, lift inflation and elevate Treasury yields took hold.

The greenback has recovered after Trump made a plethora of promises on the U. The greenback could decline further during the next few days. On Monday, the U. Any shrewd businessperson knows the importance of forex investment and trading. When you're first starting out, however, you may find yourself faced with several daunting, unanswered questions.

Please find below the expiry and the next available instrument dates for all futures contracts traded between 1 st November - 30 th November With the US Presidential Election just around the corner, the foreign exchange market is stirring and traders are feverishly speculating what the outcome will be on 8 th November. Rather, put in the work before you start and develop a specific trading strategy to ensure you don't lose capital and the profits roll in.

Federal Reserve has kept interest rates on hold but left the door open for a hike in December.

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Presidential Election. You're on the verge of throwing in the towel because you're losing money and your trades are simply not going the way you want them to. Did we hit the nail on the head? There are many reasons why this could be happening.

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You probably just don't have enough knowledge to make the right moves. Let's fix that, shall we?

Here are 7 things you might be doing wrong:. The greenback declined after the FBI announced it is investigating new emails sent by Hillary Clinton on a private server while she was the Secretary of State. USD could positively affect by Clinton's victory in the US presidential election, and such success could pave the way for Fed interest rates hike. The FBI could reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server and the effect of this is still unknown.

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This is a simple, step by step guide on how you can expand your income, spend minimal time, and get good returns. If you're looking for sound advice on how to pick an appropriate trading platform , you've come to the right place. JPY, boosted by higher U. Any shrewd businessman knows the importance of forex investment and trading. The most common question people ask is how much money they should invest when using a trading platform. Any shrewd businessman or woman knows the scale of the foreign exchange market and the forex investment and trading opportunities which come with it.

Please note that the UK Daylight saving time will end on 30th October On this day our server time will be changed to GMT and below will be the new trading hours from 30 th October to 5 th November On the other hand, U. On the other hand, officials in favour of raising interest rates are worried that waiting too long could send the country into recession. Britain has been negotiating its terms of a departure with Brussels and steps to activate Article 50, the legal mechanism that facilitates a Brexit. On the other hand, the single currency was broadly higher in a step with a hike in higher euro-zone government bond yields.

Please find below the expiry and the next available instrument dates for all futures contracts traded between 1 st October - 31 st October The ISM Manufacturing data rose to On the other hand, inflation showed signs of accelerating, showing mixed signals that could keep the Fed cautious about raising interest rates. On the other hand, Oil prices fluctuated earlier in the day after the U. Energy Information Administration EIA reported that the domestic crude stockpiles declined for a fourth week in a row. Iran refused an offer from Saudi Arabia to decrease its oil output in exchange for Riyadh cutting supply.

New home sales declined 7. Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged but has hinted at a rate hike before the end of this year. Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged, but strongly hinted at the possibility of a rate increase later this year as the labor market improves further. Markets are awaiting important news from the Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan meetings which will conclude tomorrow 21st Sep. News announcements as important as this could help traders set their expectations in terms of central bank policies in both the United States and Japan.

The consumer Price Index increased by 0. Federal Reserve would raise interest rates in December. JPY and declined to its lowest level in eight days, after suspicion grew that the BOJ would support its simulative monetary policies next week, while the market is awaiting clues on the timing of an increase in U. On the other hand, the U. Such data could have an effect on the U. Such survey repeated the hopeful tone of numbers released last week on the manufacturing and construction sectors in August.

NFP is expected to be around k and the Unemployment Rate is expected to be at 4. Please find below the expiry and the next available instrument dates for all futures contracts traded between 1 st September- 30 th September Monday 31 st August U. Monday 30 th August Gold pared its losses at the beginning of the week, after having declined last Friday to its lowest level in five weeks. Monday 29 th August U. Despite Yellen giving no hints on the timing of a hike, the Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said an interest-rate increase is possible this year.

New home sales increased Please find below the trading schedule for the upcoming Summer bank holiday in the United Kingdom. According to the minutes, the door is still open to raise interest rates in , but does not specify a timeframe for that. Good data will give an important overview for the Fed to engage in discussions to raise interest rates next month. JPY in anticipation that the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, JPY rose vs. However, the FOMC hinted to an interest rate hike later this year; possibly as early as September, as it said, "Near-term risks to the economic outlook have diminished. GBP strongly recovered in the last two trading sessions, positively affected by Theresa May's coronation. Japanese yen, as risk appetite improved after the confirmation of the UK's new leader eased uncertainties.